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Meet 518 Farms

Family-Owned, GMO-Free, No Spray Farm

In 2017 we started our farm as an experiment to see if we could grow enough gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to support our family. After successfully growing a few pounds of Oyster mushrooms we started to apply to local farmers' markets. We were accepted into the Cambridge Valley Farmers Market and soon developed a loyal and supportive customer base.


Our methods of growing have evolved from using straw to using supplemental sawdust blocks. As any mushroom farmer knows; growing fungus is a fickle business and over the last three years we had our fair share of issues like finding the correct cooling units, heatwaves, and the ever-present danger of contamination. 


In the winter of 2019, we were accepted into the Kingston Framers Market and were lucky enough to find another niche of customers eager to try our mushrooms! With the success we had a Kingston we decided to jump in with both feet and try our hand at multiple summer markets. During the Summer market season of 2020 – 518 Farms participated in four locations, adding Saratoga markets to our Cambridge and Kinston locations.






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