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Meet 518 Farms

Family-Owned, GMO-Free, No Spray Farm

Growing Mushrooms Indoors and Outdoors: A Glimpse into our Pesticide-free Farm

At 518 Farms, we take pride in offering you the freshest and most sustainably grown produce nature has to offer. As you might be curious about our mushroom cultivation methods, we are delighted to share with you the intricacies of how we grow mushrooms both indoors and outdoors on our pesticide-free farm.

Indoor Cultivation: The Perfect Climate-controlled Environment
In our indoor mushroom cultivation facility, we meticulously recreate the ideal growing conditions for our fungi. By controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, we provide our mushrooms with an optimal environment to thrive.
Our cultivation process begins by preparing the substrate, which serves as the growing medium for the mycelium.
Once the substrate is prepared, we introduce the mushroom spawn, a specialized material containing mycelium, to initiate the colonization process. The mycelium penetrates the substrate, breaking it down and converting it into usable nutrients for the mushrooms.
Throughout the growth cycle, we diligently monitor and manage the temperature and humidity levels to mimic the mushrooms' natural habitat. This level of precision ensures that our mushrooms receive optimal care, resulting in consistent quality and superior taste.

Outdoor Cultivation: Embracing Nature's Elements
In addition to indoor cultivation, we also cherish the opportunity to grow mushrooms outdoors, where they can flourish under the sunlit sky. Our outdoor mushroom cultivation involves selecting suitable locations on our farm that provide the ideal growing conditions for different mushroom varieties.
One of the fundamental aspects of growing mushrooms outdoors is establishing mushroom beds. These beds are typically created by layering matter such as wood chips, compost, and other natural materials. They create a conducive environment for mushroom spores to germinate and develop into mycelium-rich substrates.
To maintain a pesticide-free environment throughout our outdoor cultivation, we employ organic farming practices. We prioritize the use of natural pest control methods, such as eco friendly habitats for our large variety of frogs and birds.

Pesticide-Free: Our Commitment to You and the Environment
At 518 Farms, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality mushrooms while prioritizing your health and the environment. By cultivating mushrooms indoors and outdoors using pesticide-free methods, we ensure that you can savor our produce with confidence and peace of mind.
Our commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious farming practices extends to every aspect of our operations. By avoiding the use of pesticides, we support the natural health of our soil, water, and local wildlife, fostering a truly harmonious relationship between our farm and its surroundings.
Thank you for choosing 518 Farms as your trusted source for fresh, pesticide-free mushrooms. We hope this insight into our artisanal cultivation methods has deepened your appreciation for the care and effort we put into every mushroom we grow.

Yours sincerely,
518 Farms






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