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Who Should Apply?
Our ideal candidates are individuals who have just retired but believe that retirement doesn't necessarily equate to slowing down or losing interest in staying active and engaged. Or if you are are simply yearning for new experiences and are not ready to make a fulltime commitment.

518 Farms is seeking 1 - 4 part-time employees to join our team for our yearly Farmers Market, Festival, Holiday, and Craft shows. We are looking for individuals who possess excellent customer service skills, are comfortable working in diverse environments both indoors and outdoors, have a reliable means of transportation, and can store inventory securely. The ideal candidates will be self-motivated and capable of managing themselves, while also demonstrating the ability to ask questions when needed. We cover a large service area so please review the Locate Us tab on our website to see the areas we cover. We are also looking to expand into more show for all of these areas in 2024. A clean driving record is a prerequisite for this position, and all candidates must consent to a background check. $15 - $20 per hour plus commision 

  • Provide exceptional customer service to our attendees at Festival, Holiday, and Craft shows

  • Set up and dismantle booths, displays, and inventory at various locations

  • Safely transport inventory to and from events using your own reliable transportation

  • Store inventory in a secure environment when not in use

  • Maintain accurate and organized inventory records

  • Manage all aspects of inventory, including restocking and ordering as needed

  • Work collaboratively with the team to ensure smooth operations during events

  • Assist with any additional tasks as required to support the success of our shows


  • Excellent customer service skills with the ability to engage and assist a diverse range of individuals

  • Flexibility to work in both indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of weather conditions

  • Reliable means of transportation to commute to event locations

  • Ability to securely store and transport inventory to and from events

  • Demonstrate self-motivation and the ability to work independently

  • Effective time management and organizational skills to oversee inventory and booth setup

  • Proficient in inventory management and record-keeping

  • Willingness to seek guidance or ask questions when necessary

  • Age: All applicants must be over 21 years old. This is due to certain events we participate in where attendees must meet age restrictions.

  • Flexibility: As a weekend employee, you will need to be available to work from Friday through Sunday; however most events are one and two days long. While we understand the importance of downtime and relaxation, our operations often extend into these days. A flexible mindset is a must.

  • Enthusiasm: We are looking for individuals who have a genuine passion for our industry and a desire to continuously learn and grow. Previous experience in agriculture or related fields is a plus, but it's not a requirement. A strong work ethic and willingness to adapt are just as important.

  • Possess a clean driving record

  • Consent to a background check as part of the hiring process

If you are passionate about customer service, enjoy working in a variety of settings, and possess the skills necessary for this role, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your relevant experience. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to the 518 Farms team!
Please note that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 

Send Resume and brief Cover Letter to :

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