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Grow Kits are a great way to get started at home. The mushrooms will take about a month or so to grow. Reishi are a one-time harvest. Whent he mushrooms have started to push on the top portion inside of the bag, open the bag and harvest.

Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Instructions and notes are included in your order.

    About Reishi
    Studied most for its ability to boost the immune system, Reishi extracts stimulate T-cell action, Natural Killer cell activity, and Dendritic cell maturation (Gao, 2004). Other pharmacological effects of Reishi extract include the following: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, promotes anti-tumor activity, and acts as a central depressant to relax muscles (Hobbs, 1995; Gao et al., 20014).

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