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Mushroom Blended Coffee

Regular Mushroom Blended Coffee

Welcome to 518 Farms, where we are committed to providing you with healthy and nutritious products. Our unique coffee blend is made with the finest Fruited Body mushrooms, including Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordycep, and Maitake. Our delicious blend of Tanzanian regular coffee, Cacao, Orange citrus, and tart cherry, is the perfect combination of taste and nutrition. Our 12 oz bag is perfect for both coffee lovers and mushroom enthusiasts, providing a tasty and nutritious brew that’s perfect for any time of the day.

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Golden Oyster

The Golden Oyster mushroom has a high protein content, several B vitamins, and all the essential amino acids (Marley, 2009). Its medicinal benefits include promoting anti-tumor activity and lowering high cholesterol. Oyster mushroom fruiting bodies and distillations have been shown to reduce tumor size in several studies on mice, rats, and hamsters (Hobbs, 1995).

All mushroom availability is seasonal.


Cooking with Oysters

Like all Oyster mushrooms, they retain water and may develop a viscous texture when undercooked. If you prefer a firm or dryer texture, continue to cook Oysters until their liquid has reduced and cooked off and they begin to brown.

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